I am a wanderer,

I walk aimlessly in circles

Not knowing exactly where I am going

Or how I will get there

Or the people I will meet

Or the things I will see

For I am a wanderer

And I have no home or destination.


I am a competitor,

I challenge my strength

And other people’s abilities to do different things,

I love a good contest and strain to win

For I am a competitor

And I strive to break free

When I’m held in chains.


I am a ponderer,

Sometimes I imagine myself living a different life

With different people and places to see,

But then I pop back to earth

And live the life that is expected of me,

For I am a ponderer

And I consider everything that comes my way.


I am a striver,

And I attempt to find a home

Instead of wandering in circles,

And I try to be the best at everything

Without competitively hurting anyone else,

And think outside the box

When the box seems to be made of steel,

For I am a striver

And I set the bar high so I can try my hardest to reach it.

The End

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