Barriers within that need broken down.

Will you stop with this nonsense, its so very plain to see,

that you want to confide, to share things with me.

You have broken through my barriers, now its my turn,

I will be there with you to watch as they burn.

Open your eyes, I'm here for the long haul,

no sense in hiding behind this damned old wall.

A broken hearted man that's trapped feelings inside,

you do your best to express, but i know there is more you hide.

I know this can't be easy, but its something you must,

open your heart to me, for I am one that you can trust.

Move forward in life, down the roads unpaved,

and let out the emotions that have long been saved.

Don't forget who you are, and what they helped you to be,

Shine bright in your life, to make sure that they see.

It will allow you to grow into an even better man,

And I will be there forever to hold your hand.

The End

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