Very different to my usual style, but I was having a REALLY bad day. My poems are normally light-hearted and sometimes humerous. Its about always keeping your guard up to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Constructive critisism and other comments welcomed :)


Spiralling downwards,

I build up walls to protect myself.

Walls to contain me,

Walls to shield me from the outside.

The outside,

The place where you can’t trust anyone.

The place where your greatest friend is your biggest enemy.

These walls keep me safe;

They keep me reserved,

But they keep me from finding myself.

That person,

They bring your walls down;

They give you a glimpse of the light.

The light where your “friends” are.

Together you think you can fight the outside.

Darkness, they’ve left you.

Your alone.

Spiralling downwards and building up walls.

The End

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