Walker Ranch

Layer upon layer

In the land, the rock
The trees, the bush
The animals, the insects
In the water, calm and mighty

Rock pushes land
As if it needs more room
In its bed

Trees and root cradle rock
While they grow old and die

Water nourishes all life
As easily as it can
Carry it away
Like an early fall leaf

Rock on fire flares massively
Lit by the morning Sun

Water smooths rock
With its steady power
Cuts veins through land
Creating avenues for life
While revealing the vulnerable
Transforming them
Like an oar creates the absence
Of water
As it moves
To propel its vessel

The water and the rock
Reflect the magnificent
Of the Sun
Of the Moon
Each in their own way

Rock glares back at the light
While water mirrors the brilliance
Of all it sees

               September 28, 2009

The End

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