Walk As Youths

It's about two people who find themselves directionless in their lives, and fall in love (or are pushed towards it)

The cold air just before the spring
And we swore so many years ago
Things would be better than this
Oh how there’s so much we’ve yet to know
I wanted to hold you but uncertainty dragged me back
Someday we’ll break free of the urban trap
We’re only walking on a wire
Caution cooling the heat of the fire

Baby let’s walk as youths again tonight

As we lay on the grass drinking away
And held hands briefly but we connected
Only days have passed since we met again
But I adored you more than we both expected
I wanted to kiss you underneath flickering stars
And ease the pain and fade the scars
We’re barely containing our secret
Our friends doubt but I have no regrets

Baby let’s stroll without care tonight

The next day and we awake doubting our direction
And that night seemed barely more than a dream
I feel my heart beat a pulse so irregular
Was that night even at all what it seemed
I wanted to tell you how the world is ours
To give myself to you let go of the power
We’re alive yet fading out, the future’s here
I only walk these grey streets with fear

Baby let’s get away from this place

The End

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