Waking Spring

From deepest dreams of winter nights
The earth, a'groaning, wakes.
Midst frozen finger icicles,
The frosty morning breaks.

Snow shrouds the peaks her shoulders form,
Her eyes see nought but white.
She reaches up, dispels the dark,
Sweeps back the gloaming night.

Grey skies turn to cobalt blue,
The glitt'ring ice dissolves,
She stretches out her frozen limbs,
Shakes off the snow in droves.

With artist's brush she paints anew,
Bright green and subtlest dun.
She lifts her leaf-bare daughters' hands,
Revives her snowbound sons.

Defeated Winter slinks away,
Sharp-toothed, with bitter grin.
Her ice-bound magics vanishing ,
As golden dawn sweeps in.

The sun returns to light the sky,
The sunbeams' flying fleet
Join hands and dance among the winds
To earth drum's hollow beat.

From sky to sea and far beyond
The sighing air doth flow.
And new-hatched birds shall sweetly sing
‘Neath summer's gentle boughs

The End

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