Wake up.

About my dad.

I wake up for the morning where everything goes wrong.

I wake up to understand that I'm tired and irritated.

I wake up to a feeling in the air.

I wake up tp know that feeling won't show it's face until the end of the day.

I wake up to find out my dad will leave.

I wake up only to see that he is gone, gone forever.

I wake up and sit there, a dumb, hurt expression on my face.

I wake up only to feel nothing.

I wake up two years later and feel hurt and real pain.

I wake up to feel abandonment.

I wake up to ask myself, "Nothing hurt then, so why now?"

I wake up to go to sleep at the end of the day.

I wake up, only wanting to stay asleep.

Please don't wake me up.

The End

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