Waiting for Prince Charming

Based on a true story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl

She was also good hearted and very smart

When she grew up she went to law school

And she he became a successful attorney

All the mothers wanted her for their sons

But she looked only for her destined one

Patiently for him she waited, day after day

 But at her doorstep he did not appear

Years went by and she grew too tired

From waiting for her special destined one

In her heart she knew she missed her chance

To live a life with a loved man by her side

Nevertheless to be alone she did not wish,

Meanwhile- on the other side of the world

There was born another beautiful little girl

Just a baby she was, but already kind and smart

Her mother couldn't raise her by herself

So at the hospital's doorstep, her baby she left

Our first girl traveled around the world

To seek the special one who never arrived

Determined she was to return with him

And break the loneliness that filled her heart

On her journey she came across a beautiful building

With majestic steps which led to royal doors

She entered the place thinking it was a palace

But as she went in she realized her mistake

All around there was the smell of sickness and sadness

It was no palace and no place for a chosen one…

Suddenly she heard the noise of a sweet soft baby's cry

She walked silently on her tip toes, until she

Entered a huge nursery room for infants

She looked above all the small glass cradles,

And at once her world has changed forever,

Her eyes rested upon our beautiful little baby girl

Who looked back at her with kind and clever eyes

The two of them went back to the bigger girl's home

And although they did not have a charming prince

For a husband or a father- together they lived happily ever after.

The End

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