Wacky races

To life, the wackiest race of them all!

Now here's to the wacky races
that starts the day you're born
so great the need for survival
that in between you're torn

Then the race for much education
does it ever justify the cost?
after many years of education
 loathe to admit that you're lost!!

then the race for remuneration
to sell the skills you acquired
be lost to the wheels of commerce
and that sleazy business attire

Then the race to have a family
to fulfil the need to conjugate
and spend a lifetime rearing
the next generation who hate

then the race to save your life
and all those fruitful years misspent
to yearn for the few quiet moments
alas, but death won't ever relent!!

In the end who won?

All that becomes of you
is a marker on a lonely grave
here lie the mortal remains
of yet another human slave!

The End

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