votive stars

Never to feel
For people, what a dream, 
What a thousand silent heavens.
Enraptured by candles and 
Thoughtlessness in a starless darkness, 
Sensory deprivation. 
Flickering numbness, dumb and deaf 
And no more tears. 
Soft as girl hair, a bed 
For the dead loveless 
Feeling, losing cares and fairy dust. 
I don’t believe. 
Nihilism of the heart, 
Holding on with hooks in waters 
Below, beyond. 
Wonder not, soulless searcher, love 
Is a lie and so are your hands; fingers 
For rings you may not wear. 
Too lifeless for wifehood, midwifery, 
Sifting out my atria fragments, 
Ruby shards under nails. I pale. 
I fade 
To night.

The End

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