Vordhosbn means sailboat in Cornish,

it's a language only spoken in Cornwall, England.

And Vordhosbn is a song that starts out like a predator coming upon its prey,


It then transforms into a lone vessel being thrashed about on a torrential sea.

Vordhosbn is ghastly and dark, it has emotion and is four minutes and fifty one seconds long.

Vordhosbn takes me to a place that only exists in dreams:

The great dark void; cold and lifeless,

the void is only action and reaction; elemental powers with no rhyme or reason .

Vordhosbn will tear you away from your reality,

and place you in a sterile room,

the back of a power plant,

an industrial and lonely nightmare,

where life is nowhere.

Vordhosbn would seem depressing, if it wasn't just so necessary,

necessary for me, to see visions in my mind,

that only exist as archetypes,

and cannot be fully explained.

Vordhosbn shows us glimpses, of what's inside,

Vordhosbn will take you there,

and never let you go.

Vordhosbn is not a song, it is an experience,

one we all have:

When you lose your grip on your mother's hand,

and you wander far, far away and towards that mass of metal and steam;

you feel fear, excitement, terror,

but most of all,

Vordhosbn will help you feel:


The End

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