Angels and DemonsMature

Angels and demons are really the same
To them, our lives are but a game
You can stay here, or you can run there
Life is great, because you're going nowhere

There's nowhere to go, and there's nowhere to hide
No angels are coming along for the ride
They left you bleeding, they stopped believing
Now inside your mind, your demons are breeding

Angels don't believe in you
Friends, they keep on leaving you
Lovers, there's no breathing room
Spirit, is it even true?
What does that make you?

An angel? A demon? A human? A spirit?
A channel, keep dreaming, it's true man, you hear it?
The voices, the choices, they haunt you, you love it
They rip you to pieces, you aren't above it

Rip apart reality, a victim of illusion
Tripping on insanity, flipped it to confusion
Choking on calamity, distortion is amusing
In this comedic tragedy, you're the one who's losing 

The End

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