I'm on the ground surrendering myself to the stampede of every aspect of my life that's running over me
I guess they're trying to catch up with all the human beings, trying to win a race where the finish line's unseen
And I can't relate to anything I see! I'm thinking if I close my eyes I'll wake up from this dream
But that's only fleeting, this game allows no cheating, reality's got me on a leash
And every time I breathe and turn I see a judging face, telling me I'm losing if I don't pick up the pace
But how can I lose at a game I never chose to play?
Say what you want to say, but your game was never mine
Never said I wanted to play, there's no game in my mind
From the herd I'll stray, while you run straight in a line
And our paths may intertwine, but I refuse to be confined
By your rules you choose to follow well, knocking on your hollow shell
Yeah it's hard, but what'd you build your walls to hide?
Now you can't see at all, and you destroyed what was inside
Weak is what you call me, take your best shot at my pride
I don't swallow I just bleed it out, and wallow I don't need it now
On my blood you're feeding now, but I feel freer on the ground, I recharge better when I'm down
So you parasites can feed off me, I don't belong here
But you need others' blood to breathe, so who's the one that's strong here? 

The End

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