Heart of a lion, demeanor like jackal, he struggles like hell to break free from the shackles
A spirit so raw, not afraid of the law, you look at him wrong and he'll break your jaw
Don't try to fight back, he's already broken, and he wouldn't filter the words that he's spoken
Don't let them soak in, he's a contradiction, creating friction with no conviction
But if you listen beyond the words, you'll find nonfiction, it's not rehearsed
Every thought from the back of his head spewed forth like vomit, nothing left unsaid
He didn't care if he believed it or not, he wouldn't leave it in his mind to rot, to accumulate like a string of blood clots
He's an infinite story without a plot, his soul's tangled in a rope with knots
He wants freedom but it's like he forgot how to find meaning within this box 
He'll try to unlock but what comes out is rage, letting his demons break out of the cage
No love but it's what he longs for, just can't find anything worth being strong for
Ambition is dead, he'll surrender instead, anything to clear his head
He wants something to follow, he's too tired to lead
So he'll be what you want him to be, until departure when his spirit is freed 

The End

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