I'll crawl back into my hole
Where it's safe and dark and cold
So please don't send your rope
Or a hand for me to hold
I've already seen the light
So beautiful and bright
Oh, it was quite a sight
I even tried to climb
The walls to reach its height
And the further that I climbed
The more that I would find
It's always out of reach
Dangled before me just to tease
And so I'm left with my disease
Alone here, left to freeze
Because this light, it is just fire
And as much as I desire
To reach out and touch the flames
All my efforts are in vain
I'll end up burning in pain
Oh, the misery's ingrained
I might as well stay down low
Because there's nowhere else to go
I don't want to climb the walls
And get higher just to fall
So I'll just stay down here
Nothing to hope, nothing to fear 

The End

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