I must have a fixation with feeling frustration
It's like I'm drawn to it like a fly to defecation
I have these expectations that no one ever meets
And so I lose my patience and my mind begins to leak
Causing devastation with the havoc that I wreak
I might need a vacation before the pain reaches its peak

I try to disconnect, but everything is intertwined
I'm feeling the effects from the horrors of my mind
I just want to eject the past and leave it all behind
But all I do is whine, I let it take up all my time
Giving into swine, letting them infect what's mine
But giving up is not an option, so I know that I'll be fine
I don't care if they're unkind, I just don't want their perceptions
Fucking up what I aligned for myself and my direction
But I've come to find that they have power 'cause I let them
And so I shouldn't sweat them
If I don't let them penetrate my mind, they're not a threat then

They don't really know what I'm about, why should I care?
I need to let go of the doubt, and not be scared
I'm well aware that life is unfair, full of despair
But I'm stuck here when I should be way over there
I don't need to compare, or care what they declare
Who says life isn't an open source software?

Deviate if you dare, I'd rather create than let the hate make me irate  so I'd better prepare
I know I try to be strong, then fall flat on my face
But that's just the case with the human race, so I'll have to endure it 'til I'm out of this place 

The End

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