This started as an in-class assignment to write a 350 word sentance. It's one of my first forays into prose poems.

I live in the space between our bodies, and I’ve never felt more alive than when I am close to you because there is an electricity there, and every hair on my body stands on end when you come near, and adrenaline courses through me making me brave and rash and flirty, and I never felt anything like this before, and it is so raw and lustful that it scares me a little; I count the hours until I can see you again, and I check our schedules to see when they collide, and I take extra shifts,  not so much for the money, but to be in the same room as you, and I think what it would be like to kiss you, and I just know it will be amazing because there is too much electricity between us for it not to be, and I know that everyone else can see it too; they give me knowing looks, and they drop hints left and right because they can feel the voltage between our bodies, but we do nothing; we just talk and flirt, and sometimes we stand so close together I feel like I could just die, and I want to cross that electric threshold, and I don’t care how much it might shock me, yet I am scared that maybe you don’t feel it too, and it terrifies me that maybe it is all in my head, for what if I’m just imagining the way your gaze lingers, and it’s possible you don’t realize that your eyes make me melt, and  you don’t see the way I watch your lips, and you don’t think about kissing me; I want to say something to you, or I could devise a situation in which are alone together, and maybe then you will cross the invisible barrier that has grown between us, and you put your hands on me, and our mouths will collide, and then I will be lost in the current of our bodies. 

The End

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