I sit up at my window
and look back to the west.
I can see the clouds churning in
preparing to let loose Winter's blow.
I look down from the sight
and shiver in the lukewarm air
because I grow cold
and the chills that come over me...

The little wretch I made
lays at my hands
and looks apathetically back at me
Say something, she says
For once in your life,
Say something!...

I shake my head
and push her aside
to keep her jeers from filling my mind.
I press my fingers to the chilled glass
and feel the emotion wash over me,
like the tide coming in.

I wish I could scream.
I wish I could cry.
To tell the world to go away!
Get lost!
Go die!
Do what you did to me!...

But it takes so much effort to part my lips
that only a small croak
greets the insultuous world.
A little squeak in protest
then nothing at all...

The End

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