Visit Belize I say

Something I wrote at about 19 years old for a tourism competition that I did not meet the deadline. Kept it around as I like the narrative of what I think my country is.


        Visit Belize I Say      Eldred Neal


'Tween Evergreen Pine and colorful Flamboyant flower

Lies Belize our country, Mother Natures’ best-kept secret

Naturally unspoiled

With the densest and most continuous, the worlds second largest barrier reef

That plays Savior to Our nation – miss this vacation … What a grief!



Travel inland, Pine-ridge Mountains, so dry, so wet,

An abundance of wildlife that’s not been undressed yet

Our creeping rivers, you Rio Hondo, you Sarstoon

Quench this land of its’ thirst, from the sun so red hot at noon

And by night stars so white, blaze a spectacle of the moon

Now could you see, thru my sight- even a blind-man might


Picture water… sheets so tall, see Clarisa Falls

Vision feats of Ruins – like bits of mountains

Carved then cut, craftily chiseled away

Housing structures of plazas, ball courts and Mayan Temples to pray

Travel east; see the Cayes, relaxation, swim, spree!

Boat out to see the sights or you view them by flight.


West Mountains, intricate system of trails,

Adventurous sights do take a hike! –

Try Horse back riding or by mountain bike

South is great see Five Blues Lake as our chattered trips offers you a most handsome rate

North is sweet; you’ll get a treat – “Sugar” cane

The Lamani river tour though, will make this trip complete


Our people are so kind, richly blessed, proud so friendly

Belizeans we are so unique, with much cultural diversity

Creole, East Indian, Mayans, Mestizos, Garinagu

Hospitality is our first name; warm and loving we are too

Tell me now, if this Country you would betray

That can bring you much prosperity

It will receive you with no delay

And so my friend with the traveling plan, all you have is today

Make Belize your destination – Do visit us I say!!!


The End

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