A poem about what I'm like when I'm gaming :) may as well leave it open to collab :D what's the worst that could happen? ;)
I'll mark it as "mature" in case my blood and gore obsession bothers anybody.

"Videogames are better than girlfriends, 'cause you don't have to do things to keep them happy." - The midnight beast "Videogames"


Sitting in the dark, I don't know what time it is,

The screen glows and the gunshots ring out.

My hand is cramped around the controller; fingers won't

Let go, the imprint brands me, red on pale flesh.


Eyes unblinking; interrupt me and I'll stab you,

This is serious stuff, goddammit! I'm busy right now,

No I don't want to go out with you, and there's time for

Writing when Wesker is dead.


I've beheaded the dead and defeated the Pyramid head,

I fight bosses and zombies and splattered the walls

with blood.

Puzzles solved and codes broken beyond repair.


With knives, with guns, with steel pipes, I take them on and

Kill with merciless accuracy.

With swords, with stun-rods, they meet their demise.















The End

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