In a clear dichotomy from reality
Unrealistically accentuated avatars
Are playing for points,
Mindlessly racing after trophies and treasures,
Dodging monsters by pressing a button,
And manipulating the joystick at unwieldy speeds.

But the enemy catches one.
Soon, the joystick loses its joy,
The treasure loses its shine,
And the perfectly sculpted avatar
Watches one of her head-sized breasts
Roll across the computer generated dirt.

Game Over,
And the player behind the screen
Has two options, according to the console:
Return to Menu
Play Again.

But little does she know that a third option is waiting
Not to be clicked by the controller.

If only she would unglue her mind and look around
She would see the sun setting  and painting the room with rainbows
She could find peace, a life outside the game.

But she presses the down arrow:
Play again. 

The End

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