Treasure Comes in Many FormsMature

Treasure - a subjective thing,
some may view their wedding ring
as the item of greatest worth to them,
gold and inlaid with a gem
of large value to the naked eye,
in this respect, a shepherd's pie
some view as the pinnacle of goodness,
for consuming one erases stress.
The aforementioned goods, although pleasant,
will not last from past to present,
Shepherd's pie will soon decay,
or be made and eaten within a day,
The gold and diamonds fade with age,
and now I leave you adage -

'One man's trash is another man's treasure.'
I say this, and it's true, as pleasure
manifests itself in different ways,
depending on skill and wealth and age,
for while some delight in expensive rings,
and other temporary things,
the young are gladdened by simplicity -
a smile can bring felicity
into any child's life;
trusting smiles conquer strife.
'Treasure' - a word not restricted to
wealth, doubloons and rich fondue,
but a word that echoes in my ears -
I have been known as 'treasure' for all my years
by my grandfather who loves me well -
I also think he's rather swell.

So I say to all I see today,
do not seek out profit and high pay
to bring you pleasure, for they are cold,
and bring no warmth when you are old,
delight in siblings, parents, friends -
memories run until time ends,
find pleasure in childish things,
those things we put away with water wings and
baby dolls and trays of sand -
when we grew, our innocence was lost,
our attentions drawn to carnal lusts -
Remember innocence, return,
to those days when we all did yearn
to grow up - those days were miles away -
seek out smiles, embrace the day,
for life is merely child's play.

The End

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