Beneath a Willow TreeMature

I left my heart beneath a willow tree,

And there it lies, until you come for me,

We'll meet again, and lips will intertwine,

Then once again, your heart will be mine.

I wait for you, and hours turn to days,

The blackbirds sing, and vocalize their praise,

And when the cloak of night, is softly draped,

My place below the willow tree I take.

The messenger, he told me yesterday,

That you were gone, down death's dark narrow way,

I take a knife,  and sit beneath the tree,

And now I can, with deathly eyes you see.

And now we dance, beneath that willow tree,

My heart is mine, however still it beats,

And as the golden morning fills the skies,

Beneath a willow tree, my body lies.

The End

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