Two Women in a Lift - A Poem in the Style of FerlinghettiMature

Out of the Mercedes-Benz and through the glassy doors

Beautifully buffed nails brush buttons choosing floor

A moment passes then door opens and red stiletto struts bold

In the mirror examines her painted lips and pale face

Crisp white blouse and tight black skirt that just reaches the knee

Just a normal day


Then lift stops two floors early

Door opens once more and tattered hem with dirtied face creeps in

One glimpse in mirror fills her with shame

Remembers her young daughter at their hovel of a home

The woman who had entered first looked down for fear of guilt

Two women, same age, yet separated by an invisible barrier

As though thousands of miles were between them

Heartbeats quiver silence shivers almost audible


Then the ding of the lift sounds

Painted face leaves hurriedly

Late for fashion magazine board meeting

Tattered hem looks on at the fleeting image of perfection

Tear falls almost almost invisible to the floor 

She wonders if she'll ever be more than man's slave

As lift door closes and image disappears

Tattered hem examines her face in the mirror once more

The door opens 

Man is there mentally undressing her

The door closes a last tear falls

Just a normal day

The End

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