Part-time Pirates

This is my stab of a  sonnet. My rhyming scheme is: ABAB BCBC CDCD AA

In light! The midsummer days of yore.

Betwixt the golden sun and calm blue sea.

Set sail upon a ship with a crew of poor -

Craftsmen, some far more skilled that you or me.

Oh! How those days were filled with perfect glee!

Upon our boat we took many a war

We'd be forced to the plank, you'd hear no plea!

It would be worse than death! That was our lore.

To beg at our captors, grovel? Abhor!

Never one last word! Never to show fear!

So when our death comes, on angels we'd soar!

Let our enemies hearts know that we're near!

Never would we die dishonourably!

But now we must go and Mam calls for tea.

The End

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