I took you word for word, Granddad;
everything you said I heard, word for word
your teachings were preachings from the church of hard knocks
from every lesson I learned on dollars to earn
or when you run out of friends, how to fight like a man
I trusted your speeches, your voice
that craggy country soaked noise giving me instructions
on schematics for the prestidigitation
to make it in this nation and
some sleight of hand, so on demand, I can shuffle how I feel
and deal every card on par
with my heartbeat, standing on my own two feet
because as a man, I have to listen so I know when to fold
or hold on and ride with my pride by my side in the light
to hold on tight to your words better not left unsaid
with those words in my head until I'm dead
precise, roll dice, snake eyes, verbatim

The End

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