It was written a long time ago...Something I found while 'cleaning' my files...Thought I'd post it...

A raging red storm, a tornado of flames,
The inferno of rage, swallowing all it blames
For its fear, its scars, its marred face
For making it known that he was a disgrace

To the family, oh the precious heir,
Where is he now, all his bravado, his dare?
Lost in the plight of his kingdom alight,
They have no more will, no way to fight

So he basks in the glow of his hard earned win,
Defeating his feared, noble, next of kin,
At his own game, in his home ground
Much to the chagrin of the spectators that surround

But who is he to care, because after all,
They were the ones who had the gall
To stage an uprising, start a revolt
Now their captivity is their own fault

He shall pay the price of his own mistakes,
His individuality crushed until it breaks
And he is no more him but a mere slave,\
Like a million others who strived, but caved;

And so it was the tale of defeat,
Anger and vengeance once again triumphed over peace
But how long that state will hold no one knows,
Because change is the only thing that will remain- for now and as time goes.

The End

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