Venemous love

My eyes are sore,
I'm sick of crying,
Refused once more,
My love is dying.
My heart is weak,
My hands are shaking,
Love is a disease and the toll that it's taking;
Is hurting my chest,
And burning my soul,
It poisoned my flesh,
And it's tearing a hole,
The poison is spreading,
The whole's getting wide,
The end is now near,
And there's nowhere to hide,
I try not to love,
But still it remains,
My love boils in my blood,
Whilst my hatred restrains,
And even with the slightest affection,
The love will hurt again,
Emotion's a flame that will spread the infection,
Coursing through your every vein,
The pain becomes unbearable,
You know you have to shout,
The second you give into it,
Your time will then run out.

The End

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