Misery in my hand

I saw her hair fall from her head

and onto a lap so willingly

some cackle,

a beautiful laugh

but this is here

as I sit and watch

the misery in my hand

that I sip so quick

and all those forgotten women

smoked in pipes

hopeless dreams, 

in hopeless songs

that never find the ears

of the one you love

and I see a move of a hand

just like the room sees the move of the hand

every breath here is held

quick slide of fingers

two darting smiles

then the roar concludes and starts again

in one moment

and everyone forgets

just as I sit and watch

pulsating, vicious thoughts

that pass through every mind

and by every I mean mine

I believe no one else thinks

at least not here

the music so loud

and the laughs so loud

so I sip my dreams

and wait

for I know she won't come

and I won't go

then thoughts of leaving

anywhere but here

arms around shoulders

and thoughts hidden behind calm

because I see the world falter, not quite fall

so I get up

and one glance taken

the wave is over

As I sit again

some other room

now only body and thought

anything new?

not now.

seemingly never.

The End

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