Vortex of the inclement skies/ Astron of ironsand/ Cyclops storm/ Invertebrate, magenta, Portuguese man o' war! O fierce fiefdom over space and its cardinal points - world's fields of never-ending rapeseed, wheat and corn - as far as the buteo stoop and crab over squealing quarry...Death rays - tinsel, white-hot and cruel - strobe the carapace of mountains; strike the flatlands, singe their arable pelts, leave steaming loam - an oven for crispy worms...Naught! O naught! charcoal schooners of the prairie/ Cough - the abominable wind, like glass, they shatter/ And you - touchpaper men, who nark ungyved fury/ Ye matadors of hubris, skedaddle and vamoose! before you are cinders of bacon...O spooked - the flammable kine/ Stampede! ruminant beef-engines - like boulders down a buttery piste/ O martyr on the cross, scarecrow, nash your teeth, in the dust of pandemonium!

The End

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