Vancouver Kiss

My personal reflection inspired by the photo of a couple kissing during the Vancouver riots.

Chaos, confusion, confounding works of human society,

Smoke and fires, lit as tribute to a sports deity,

Destruction, anger and stupidity all around,

But, alas, this is where true love can be found.

Darken shielded pillar beaming down,

Pushing people all around,

A couple try to escape the dismay,

Pushed to the ground.

Hysterical and bruised, battered on knee,

There on the street their resting place came to be,

She's shocked and confused, but by her side,

Her lover gives her a kiss in the midst of the roaring tide.

The world is a violent place,

People fight and die and people fall from grace,

But the human heart is filled with light,

Which illuminates the world in the midst of the darkest fight.

He was a little bit west of me,

She was a little bit west of you,

One day I hope you can see,

We can be that beautiful light too.

The End

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