I sense you

Silk pillows of lavender,

Satin-soft rose petals,

Soap-scented silk

How are all three your gentle caress of my skin and the sweet perfume of yours which relaxes me?


Entranced, you're under a spell;

Enchanted, you're positively bewitched;

Enthralled, you'll do anything I say

How are all three your fascinating, ... amusing condition?


Eyes slightly widened,

Pupils dilated,

You're looking straight at me.

What do you see, I wonder, around my transfixing gaze?


Your mind is a whirring blank

All thoughts were chased away

Waiting for instruction, you're ready to respond

What do you see, I wonder, when your brain's not processing information?


Your silence is a chasm

My ears feel muffled

As quiet as a mouse, you wait

What good will muteness do you when you need to be heard?


You are so patient,

You stand there so wordlessly,

It's been several minutes now

What good will waiting do you when you need to run?


I see you, hear you, feel you

Taste your scent upon my tongue,

I touch you...


Tilt your head to the side,

Watch your eyes: you're hypnotised

In every way you've ever dreamed, I sense you and consider you

I see you, hear you, taste you, smell you, feel you; I bite your neck and start to drink you.

The End

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