Darkness - Part 1

Cloaked in darkness
Lurking in the shadows
Madness engulfs his mind
Insanity growing

Silently stalking
Forever watching
His prey unaware
Of the impending doom

Anticipation builds
As he gets ready to strike
Timing must be right
The moment perfect

She's  getting nearer
He can smell her scent
The excitement mounting
He can almost feel the kill

She's closer now
His hair stands on end
She's rounding the corner
He makes his advance

Silently he creeps
Up on his prey
She cannot see him
Nor hear his steps

Suddenly he strikes
Embracing her in his arms
He can hear the blood pulsing
Through her veins

She looks up in disbelief
Horror and shock on her face
As she feels his teeth
Sink into her throat

The End

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