Valiant Heart



I’ve had love

A simple statement carrying a heavy piece

Every time I even hear the word love I am blown away

Shaken with sentiment

Envy because I am lacking

Need because it is just out of reach

If I am lucky sometimes I can stand firm

Not weave or fall on my knees

Or worst of all weep

Weep knowing every limitation

Every upturned nose



Valiant heart breaks

Hammer the pieces back in

Taking me further than my own strength

Beyond the limits of my own body

Valiant heart bursts

Stick what remains together

Love what lingers

But look ahead, look ahead

Valiant heart beats

If nothing else it still beats

Ready to take another crack

Yet another burst of sensation


I have a need for divinity

Something more holy than a hook up

Something not depend on convenience

We don’t just remain in the here and now

And all I hear is, “ What happens when you wake up?”

The day unwinds and often tangles

When will fate intervene?




I often feel like a window dresser

Perching the fantasy on a ledge, so they don’t have to reach

Buy me. Buy into the idea.

Love is perfection

Affection is preening.

If it’s all a facade I feel in control

I can make dreams and I can live within them

I can’t stand in tattered shorts and bleach stain shirts

I can’t face scorn again



The End

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