Valentines Day

All The Hearts In This Here World,

Are In Love Tonight,

Whether It Be Shown,

Or Hidden Tightly Away,

Some May Not Know It,

But Soon It Will Show,

It's Only For Tonight, For After,

The World Will Go Back To War,

Everyone Will Forget,

What They Felt Tonight,

Love Shows Everywhere,

In People Faces,

In Different Places,

Love Rears It's Beautiful Head,

Once A Year,

Then Releases Cupid,

Armed With Arrows Of Love,

Silent And Alone He Sits,

But Seeing A Moonlit Couple, He Smiles,

The Two Lovers Are Sat On A Bench,

There Is No Need To Shoot Them,

With Arrows Of Love,

He Watches Them As They Kiss,

To Him, There Is Nothing More Important,

His Ears Hear: Distant Shouting,

A Man And Wife Having A Dispute,

Oh Dear That Can't Be Right, He Thinks,

Taking A Well-Aimed Shot,

He Sighs, Love Is A Beautiful Thing,

He Turns Away As They Slowly Make Love,

He Loves Watching A Young Boy,

Giving An Unsuspecting Girl A Rose,

He Hears Love Calling Him Back,

But Leaves A Card In All The Letterboxes,

From Your Valentine.

The End

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