Valentine's Day

A poem about a person worrying about what to give on Valentine's day and who to give a gift to. The person soon discoveres what the best gift to give is.

Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, oh me, oh my

I need to find a special something to buy

And for whom? For whom indeed?

Someone special in mind is what I need

For girlfriend, or buddy, or sister or grandmother?

For parents, or teacher, or auntie, or brother?

My Valentine’s hopes are beginning to sink

Which is the one that with my heart links?


Yes, its my auntie, its decided for sure

Now what should I buy her? Something to ensure my feelings are not obscure

Something that can’t make her say “Is there any more?”

But something that will touch her heart to the core

Some chocolates, some flowers, a purse, a cake?

Something expensive, luxurious of beautiful make?

So the whole day I spend searching for a gift

From shop to shop I shift


In the end I left the gift shopping behind

And pondered the right thing to do in my mind

Tomorrow morning I knew buying a gift I had missed

But on my aunt’s cheek I gave her a kiss

And the next thing I did was from my heart

Not from my wallet or the shopping mart

I gave a warm smile and knew what to do

I said: “Happy Valentine’s day Auntie! I love you!”



The End

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