v e n u s

I n t r o d u c t i o n

Have you ever been in love? Déjà vu? 

Quite right. We’ve been here before. This is part two in a sequence of three, three forms of love, of faith, of misunderstanding and the overcoming of adversity. If ‘Letters Of Neon’ was about losing love, and finding love, ‘venus’ is about keeping love. It's about sex. Violence. Consideration.

For me, Venus as Earth’s supposed sister planet, represents duality and alien qualities. It represents a need to develop understanding, but it also masks the ability for us to understand, under a tremulous cover of deadly storms. 

Perhaps it is no wonder Venus has been the symbol of females for such a very long time. 

‘venus’ is a collection of poetry that delves into the turbulent nature of human relationships, and seeks to find that path of luminous stars that will guide us through the brightest and darkest of our days. It isn’t simply about women. It is about finding a connection. It is for men. It is for women. It is to find a path through the ferocity of emotions, and ultimately, to the one thing that matters most: love.

If there were a path of brilliant stars stretching deep into the sky, burning away the permeating darkness of fear and misunderstanding, would you not follow them?

Take your first steps, Stargazer…

The End

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