Utopians UNITE

Creative minds unite against the Illuminati with creativity to rile up the masses with entertainment to reclaim our world.

Utopians arise! United until we win. Conquering demons without, that give us demons within. Ignorance & lies they gave, & made our race their slave. Still giving hell on Earth, getting us cowering, but now its them we are dis empowering.  The ‘Killuminati’ so high so haughty cant much longer last. They know their easy days have past. They are worst of all who’s sickeningly ill, even babies they joyfully kill.

We deserve a heavenly world free & sublime, not agony from eons past & into eons of time. United in our fights for our cherished human rights. We stop the people from being passive with a cause just so massive. Invictus, the indomitable human spirit in us all, won’t let us forever fall. Through creativity so defiant we awaken our inner giant.

With entertainment we command, attention from land to land. Firing them up to refuse, to submit and instead choose, a future by their own hand. We motivate through art, word, rhythm and rhyme yes we the poets know its now our time. The joy spirit joins the war, to even the score. Knowing deep within we stand for a world we should demand and how it should be great not misdirected hate. The poetry spirit inspires & unbinds new and gifted minds. The spirit of art connects the eyes and heart. The spirit of music brings tears connecting heart and ears. Combined into movies they help us not miss, utopia’s soul stirring bliss.

The following is what the world will become after we defeat the Illuminati. Please add to it if you think of anything. Rhyme is not a must.

-Homes created by a mix of science and nature, nature builds bridges, dna altered trees that connect over ravines?

-flowers that bloom and combine and shape….?

-giant nature bubbles that go through things but are like ethereal visions in the middle that…?

-birds unite to make symphony

-clouds shape to fractals based on astrology vibrations….heck I don’t know,

-animals live on grass etc, no more hunting and killing. No bugs to bug anyone

NOW WHOS WITH ME! ? ! ?! ?! ?

The End

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