".Useless tree"

listless feelings carved in chipped wood
a curve here, a curve there, connected at two points
initials added to a tree that might as well be cut down
made into better things like a chair or paper
or better yet a table for food to be put on
no, this tree is useless...

stuck in the middle of the forest, leaves fallen
snow sitting atop the branches glistening in their beauty
all the tree can do is envy those sparkling flakes as they melt
and become anew
conforming into something of use.

the branches dance as the wind howls through the night
as it gets stronger and stronger, the tree begins to tremble
hopeless, thinking it'll be knocked down by a gust of wind
it was ready, it was ready to be uprooted and striked,
waiting for death to come upon it
but all that came were two figures...

one was taller than the other,
the other was slimmer than one
nothing special seemed to be going about these two travellers
"just another night out for this couple," thought the bored tree.
and then the tree recognized them

they were the ones that defiled it
that engraved their meaningless 'professing to the world' into his skin
into his hard, brittle, splinter filled skin
hatred came upon this emotionless tree
but it could do nothing of any sort
at that point, that tree wished it was of something of use...
like a baseball bat - to knock their heads for vandalising it.

the couple talked in low voices, almost in a whisper
even though they were in complete solitude.
the tree became curious, holding its anger to a pause
urging to patiently listen to the conversation being held between the two.
the wind carried their low voices to the tree that caught almost every word said
then suddenly became saddened
left with nothing but a missing patch on his trunk.

for the first time,
this tree wanted to hug the single figure that stood beneath it.

The End

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