Used Belief

I used to believe I knew pain.

Over the years, I have had my share of heartaches.

I have loved, and I have lost.

I have spent moment that couldn't afford the cost

of the tears they reaped.

I have given up dreams.

I have let opportunity seep through my palms

and silently remained calm,

until I could lock myself in the sadness of my soul,

and allow depression to chill me to the bone.


I have felt my insides scrape of all incentive to rise.

I have wandered crowds of laughter like a ghost.

Floating, drifting, barely there, as light as a feather,

so heavy in this torture I am tethered.

I have buried loved ones,

cast flowers on graves, seen setting suns

upon my paradise.

I have lived a life.


I used to believe I was brave.

I used to believe I would not cave

to anything else the journey through at me,

for my time in sorrow was complete.

I used to believe I knew pain,

I used to believe I understood what it meant to lose and gain,

until the day you looked at me and said

I should go,

for I no longer made you happy anymore.

The End

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