"I will find myself 
or at least
who I used to be" Bejn Jonathon Edwards

Stretched out the body for sweet caress
Blinded by desire, a cruel persistence
Masochistic always impotent to touch
Yet it always shrinks femininity

A single kiss marks dead skin
True nature dies in despair
Tied to the common self deprecation
Marred and dishevelled for pretence

Same old ache
Coursing through my head
I'm used to the pain
I wont feel it in death

Frail by constant voices that scream
I can barely stand this living Hell
I never forget it, the cancer of strength
Keeping the knife in my back

A single tear splashes this dead rose
The last desecration I face tonight
Passions extinguished in a personal vigil
Tomorrow it burns everything

The End

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