Us (you and me)

If you want nothing to do with it, I get it, that’s fine

But making me sit on a clock, you make me waste my time


Trust is like a mountain, which I know you don’t wanna climb

If I were you, I’d grab my life and stick it to a dime


Flip it any way you want

I just wanna rhyme

And while you’re at it, save some time


Wanna be sour? Mix the lemon and the lime

Steal the crackers and the wine

But as we move through time

You’ll see that the future will be mine


No thank you, I already tried being kind

And no, you can’t change my mind


If you don’t mind I’m going to get back to my chair

Crack a window, get some air

Start on another poem

Filled with helplessness and despair


That’s fine if you don’t care

But putting me down just isn’t fair


So next time I bring up trust

It’s just not you and me, now this is us

The End

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