Contradiction live

Gross inequality

Verse 1: Upsidedownness


Eduardo Galeano has it right, we live in a looking glass world. (1)

Unsidedownnesss prevails.

Alice in AmeriKa today has only to wonder at the multiversity of reverse images.

In Zombieland all seems grotesquely distorted reflection.

The harvest of coveted gold floats as feathers on oceans             to distant shores far from Manhattan corporate skyscrapers,

While global civil life sinks as lead to the bottom of a deep watery black hole.

CEOs move their activity from Heartland to Hinterland, earn obscene bonuses for looting treasuries abroad,   

For fleecing folks and busting unions at home, for forging economic ruin.

Worker´s wages are cut and benefits disappear, families lose their homes.

Around corporate penthouse offices and on Wall Street              the air is made foul by the activity of plutocrats,

But they breathe filtered conditioned air in plush offices,

While Harlem dwellers breathe the death of slum life.

Financiers are officially lauded as the fittest of the surviving fit,             

But fingered by Occupiers as crooked Banksters, while most of the 90% nod in agreement.

In urban slums the fittest of the underdogs struggling to survive are jailed.

The Banksters who steal billions are celebrated.

And when their Ponzi schemes collapse, they are bailed out,   

Too big to fail, too celebrated to jail.

The pensioner and taxpayer who expect benefits from their tribute are twice fleeced,

Their pension funds diverted to financial fraud, their taxes diverted to bail-out.

While the street hood who knows where the money is and wants a cut                               

Robs a bank and is condemned to life in prison;

The Black kid who picks up a toy gun in a shopping mall is shot down

By a trigger happy cop who can´t see but black.


The Banksters organize the world economy as their turf, their private mafia-like fiefdom.

The Banksters have their Cabos in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank

That sucker-in nations to borrow then apply the screws.

The World Trade Erect Organ sodomizes whole countries,

The U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve administer all world finances,

The European and most other world Central Banks following along.

These agencies of the international financial oligarchy,                               

Employ the Velvet Grove with bribes to politicians to do their will,

The coercion of conditional loans to countries bankrupted by global Neoliberalism.

Imposing a Greek Tragedy on a helpless population that once was the fountain of Democracy.

If bribes and coercion fail the Iron Fist of American and NATO Enforcers are at their command.

NATO surrounds Russia, imposes a fascist regime in the Ukraine.

The Banksters profitably launder billions of the drug business,

Big dollars that exploit the eternal hopelessness of the downtrodden with temporary chemical euphoria,

While the street vendors seeking a way to make a living go to jail.

The Banksters on Wall Street swindle billions from the hapless on Main Street,

Launder drug money and hide trillionaIre funds from tax authorities--

And no one goes to jail.

The poor man gets an arbitrary traffic ticket he can´t pay--                         

And goes to debtor prison.

The Lieutenants of the Banksters, the 9% Staff and Line of the 1%,         

Sit at computers programmed to pick the pockets of consumers and debtors,

They earn salaries commanding respectability.

While their street equivalent, created by the same system,

The guy who jostles people on the sidewalk to grab a purse or wallet is chased and jailed.

A Hedge Fund manager can earn $4 billion in salary and bonuses,

That comes to $2 million per hour, $30,000 per minute.

The unemployed slum dweller suffers total destitution—

Because the Hedge Fund manager gets his due.


Wealth and Power, Poverty and Powerlessness,

Elite Supremacy, Mass Anomie and Popular Alienation.

Conspicuous Consumption for the Privileged Few,        

Homelessness and Hunger for the Many.

Individual personhood before the Law for corporate entities,

Translates to amnesty under the Law.

The full weight of the Criminal Justice System falls on petty criminals  

Whose crime is emulating their betters.

All these are the grossest of contradictions.

But the thesis side of the dialectic appears overwhelming,

For now, the antithesis of weak expression.

Zombyist thought offers a world of illusionary escape from oppressive reality,

A reassuring emotional consistency, designating enemies to fear and hate,

Offer up an insulting repetition of “common sense” that makes no sense.


The contradictions play out at very complex levels,

North and South, West and East,

Rich and Poor, the Privileged and Underprivileged, Bosses and Workers,

Plutocracy and Democracy, Rulers and Ruled, Police and Citizens,

Christians and Muslims, the Good and the Evil,

Men and Women, Black and White, Latinos and Anglos…

On an even broader level the dialectic of contradiction is:  Barbarism/Civilization, War/Peace,                               

Base/Superstructure, Hegemonic Project imposed/Counter Hegemony sought ….

Attempts to resolve contractions used to be termed the “Class Struggle”.

Indeed the progress of what came to be termed “Civilization” is justifiably thus attributed.

But we no longer live within a world of Lords and Peasants or Masters and Slaves.         

The terms Bourgeoisie, Proletariat, and Class Struggle are out of fashion,

Much in need of resurrection as fundamentals,

While the mystified notion of Middle Class Society is pervasive,

Even as that class is in eclipse.

Our perception of social reality obfuscated by the one sided nature of the Class Struggle.

The bourgeoisie of financiers and controllers of transnational corporations

Is more than ever a Ruling Class,

The ranks of the middle class thinned, 

While the proletariat becomes more a “Precariat,”  2

As waged workers are pushed toward or into the immiserated mass.


Upsidedowness prevails in staggering spheres and hidden enclaves.

Wall Street booms,

The industrial heartland goes bust.

In Wall Street´s Manhattan a small apartment is big bucks.

In bankrupt Detroit a foreclosed family home sells for a pittance,

But who will buy into hopelessness?

Detroit, once the industrial center of class struggle, now a hopeless slum.

No trouble with hundreds of billions for Bankster bail-out,

Not one dollar to uplift Detroit from the abyss,

Another victory in the one sided class struggle for those on top.

Income and wealth are ever more concentrated in the clouds,

While the middle class bifurcates into elevated sectors

Servicing capital and the state repressive apparatus

And sectors dequalified or deprofessionalzed,                

Pushed into the deunionized working class, part-time jobs, or unemployment,

While former workers are marginalized

And join the underclass of the immiserated.

Prosperity for the 1% and their hangers-on,

De-classing privilege and austerity for the 90%.


In AmeriKa Inc by 2014-15 recovery from the debacle of 2008 was proclaimed.

Unemployment down, but the jobs are part-time and low paying.

Near one hundred percent of the recovery income went to the top 10%,

Most all of that to the 1%.

No trickle down, only flood up.

The stock market hits record highs, corporate profits unparalleled,

CE0 pay and bonuses enough to feed the undernourished billions across the Globe.

Government fiscal policy favors only special interests,

Federal Reserve stimulates Wall Street profits, buys up their toxic assets.

The Fed feeds the speculators spreading cheap money doing harm everywhere in the Globalized World.


Much attention now to how economics works to bring greater economic concentration and social inequality.

Thank you Monsieur Piketty!  ( 3)

But distorted, lopsided recovery is more than insidious, growing inequality of income and wealth.

Market driven development creates a consumerist, throwaway commodity culture wherein resources and people are disposable.

Capital relations create a culture of predation and hyper-exploitation of the environment and of people.

Capital imposes a predatory society in all spheres that increasing depends upon repression to maintain its dominance.

Capital fosters degenerative development in all the wrong sectors.

Degenerative development means investment goes to

Unproductive, speculative, wasteful, environmentally degrading, socially destructive activities.

All of which is facilitated by Wall Street,                             

All of which is stimulated by government fiscal and monetary policy,

All of which depends upon the intensified exploitation of labor at all levels--

Except the well rewarded Hangers-On Servants of the 1% and the Repressive Apparatus.

Rigidification of class inequality.            

An upside down pyramid so top heavy and unstable     

That the moans of those holding the world on their shoulders will eventually be loud enough to topple the structure.


Inequality is inherent to the universalization of the market,

Globalization spreads market relations worldwide.

In national economies the drive is privatized commodification of all the goods and services necessary for the fulfilment of human needs--

Housing, health care, retirement income, entertainment and diversion from daily routine, disability and unemployment protection, education, ameliorative entitlement programs--

All these previous social gains subject to austerity cuts, the goal being elimination of social programs,

In order to privatize these services and sell them to whoever can afford to buy them,

In order to make the state a slave to the interests and aims of capital.

Labor is the main commodity in the universal market,

Now sold to the lowest bidder.

Big problem when people can´t buy what they need to live,

That´s one reason why public funds need to be diverted from human need

To the forces of repression at home and instruments of violence abroad,

To contain discontent, to repress those demanding decency.

The End

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