Life Critic

My outlook on life,

Can get pretty bleak.

I am covinced I have already reached my peak

The day I was born.

I had my largest impact on life on that day.

I made people happy,

I made people smile,

They forgot all their troubles, just for a while.

They were kind to me,

My ideal situation, selfish I know.

Now when it snows

I look from the window

and imagine what my life would show

If I had been that much kinder,

considerate, modest.

Because now all I really think about

Is myself, how selfish I can get.

I cry more about how the world is so imperfect

instead of cuddling my own pet.

Well why didn't I try

To change the world somehow?

I'm so easily offended now,

By what people say, even if unintentional,

My mind has convinced itself that the world is out to get me

For wanting to be free.

For wanting to say how I feel and love,

For wanting to smile and laugh... Carefree.

But from here on I have become a critic of life,

judging what other people say, wishing it could be better.

I think I'm so stubborn in not accepting life as it is now,

A silly little rope seems like an acceptable bow

out to the world.

Don't do it, just don't do it,

How stupid can you be

I must tell myself to give up, to try and see

What is on the other side of reality.

How would they feel if you spoke them your mind?

I'll never know, it doesnt matter so long as they

Remember me for being kind.

The End

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