Unwavering Kind Of Love

There is so much I yearn to give you

Physical and emotional -- there is little difference

But I draw a blank when I think

Of other things to give you

Since I have already given you my all

My heart, my soul, my being

You are the only thing, the only one

Who completes me so completely

And I know that now

As I know you do as well

It is blatantly obvious now

Just how happy and complete you make me feel

I regret the decisions I made -- you know thats true

It is evident in my voice -- I hope

But it seems that it was necissary

For me to see

For us to grow

For this to change

The things you do, the things you say

The way you look, the way you move

It all brings me such joy

It's unfathomable

Just know that always and forever

When we are happy and when we are sad

When it is sunny and when is is raining

When you think it and when you don't

I love you -- with an unwavering kind of love

The End

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