The happy couples are strung together
in their relationships that never stray
I saw you walk beside them
your lips sewn to the man of your dreams

We had our whole lives behind us
least we know now nothing lies ahead
But it wasn’t good enough or so you said
you took my self respect and threw it away

You wanted more
You wanted to choose
I was unwanted...

The happy couples are kissing in unison
they don’t need to pray for a ‘happily ever after’
I don’t need any pity from you
even in your arms, I was abandoned

You were six of one and half a dozen of another
keep the men lined up and make your choice
I never made the grade but God did I try
all for a shallow rest as you moved on

Without any of the trouble I had

You needed more
You just had to choose
I was unwanted...

You had a touch of class
I had my clarity
but it was no good
I still needed you
out of my life

The End

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