Unvoiced Yearning

A mother's sorrow and regret on the loss of her baby son.

Its been sixteen years to the day,

Sixteen years that have gone by,

And there's never been a day,

That I don't cry for what was denied.


I sit once more in the empty room,

Today I can't help but dream,

This room that should have been yours,

As I imagine what could have been.


Today you would have turned sixteen,

You would have been legal to drive,

Today would have marked your birth

Yet it marks the day you died.


I apologise dear child,

The son I should've raised,

The child I gave life to,

But then brutally took away.


Forever I will think of you,

For the rest of this life I'll cry,

For the son by my own hands I murdered,

For the son whose life I denied.

The End

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