Unvoiced Torture

Death of a relationship and the complications with the hurt it brings.

It's already been reiterated.
It's over; done; finished.
Yet I am neutral.
In a sea of grey,
Half upon half
As being surgically cut into two.
Half wanting to move on.
The other reminiscing fondly;
Wanting to get back again.
But it's just a sidle on the path of life.
I shall only circle the void,
Over time it will be filled;
Eroded and new growth.
But memories will still reside
Of that day
Where we shared
A special moment
In the sea of time.

I should have enjoyed the moment more!
If I could relive again - or sleep -
Would I have tasted the sweet lipstick
Of the Z engrained in my heart
My heart both longs and continues on,
I want you dearly,
But I am no fool.
Just a melancholic lover,
The victim of an exchange
Too short.

The End

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