The story of a boy and his love life mishaps

It wasn't raining

The day was warm and glowing

Nothing bad happens on days like this

But you decided to change that

Now, in a movie theatre across town

There are two empty seats

Present, oblivious to the future that could have been

You and I, watching the movie

Watching ourselves

Watching each other

Anxiously waiting on who would act first

Waiting, watching, wanting the same thing

At least that's the way I envisioned it

Instead you're off somewhere, enjoying the sights and company of others

While I sit here, wallowing in the future that never was

Imagining what holding your hand would feel like

I hope those seats were at least put to good use

I hope they became the progenitor of a love that will run on for decades

A dynastic love, an eternal love, an infinite love

That will never belong to me

The End

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