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Untold story 

HELP! HELP! a woman screamed in agony and fear, she was being raped by the man she felt in love with; she's stayed and suffered for years. Love is cruel and nice but it ain't more hurtfull than a sacrifice, a boy was born from that rape. The boy grew up in lies and rage, always thinking about the truth but to the streets he was engaged. Now confused and angry because he found out how he was born and why he is who he is; he's looking for his father but he's nowhere to found. It's like if the earth might've swallowed him, the boy just wonders how many more lies are there? How many secrets that need to be told and unfold? It's never to late to forgive, thats what people say but me.... I'LL TAKE THIS HATE ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE DEVIL'S BURNING GATES. 

Carlos M.

The End

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